State of the art facility


Quality is never an accident. It is a result of hard work and perseverance to
provide just the best every time


The quality of a leader is defined by the standards they set for themselves. We at IPH Glasses have incorporated best manufacturing practices and set our standards to the highest level coupled with the best infrastructure to provide the finest glass every single time.

Testing Instruments

We have in place a perfect setup for quality testing along with all the modern instruments to ensure the quality of our products.

  • Strianoptics GASP Laser
  • Starinoptics Roller Wave
  • Merlin laser
  • Shore-a-Hardness meter

All instruments bought according to EN or ASTM standard requirements

Glaston RC 200 furnace

Glaston innovation leads to enhancement of the company.

We have a state of the art furnace from Glaston (Finland) with a patented vortex plus technology which is the most advanced technology in today’s tempering lines available.Tam Glass is manufacturing furnace since last 40 years and it is considered as leader in manufacturing furnace

It has a production capacity of 1500 Sq Mts ( 6MM clear Glass).This furnace is specialized for glass with lower thickness and Low –E coating and emissivity as low as 0.01

Technologically and Technically Advanced cutting technology


  • IPH Glasses owns three cutting machines. Two from CMS Industries (Italy) and one from Glass Shining
  • This simple yet technologically advanced and highly productive cutting machines come with a loader and break out tables.
  • It has a combined production capability of 5000 sq. meter daily.
  • The Technometal runner line machines from CMS have 4 cutting heads and capability of cutting 3.3m * 7.0m glass sheet.
  • It is proficient for the Low-E glasses which is the future of green building concept.

Ekang Insulated Glass Unit

The insulating line from Ekang Tech (Korea) is one of the most advanced machines for insulation with a capacity of making Glass Size upto 2,450 mm x 3,300mm.

It can insulate up to 1200 Sq. meter of glass with a capability of 4-side stepped unit glass ,triple glaze unit and a crystal clear spotless washing machine.

The flat press insures the highest quality of insulation along with the best in class silicon sealant from Dow Corning (USA)

North Glass Furnace

  • The tempering furnace is from North Glass (China) which is completely manufactured according to ES.
  • It has a size of 4280MM * 2440MM and production capacity of 1200 Sq Mts (6MM Clear Glass)
  • This is immaculate in production of glasses with higher thickness

Polished edges add aesthetic appeal to glass

We provide glasses which are hard as a rock still stunning like a diamond. The production size varies from 2500*4500 up to 4500*4500. The machine is compliant with the EN standards.

Keeping that in mind we have procured an automatic L shaped four edger which processes all the edges at the same time to give e crystal edge finish.

Single Edging machine

Whether small or big, we provide the same standard quality. So to process the small glasses we have a single edging machine which processes one edge at a time.

Beveling Machine

A special purpose machine used to make beveled edges generally used in table top glasses.

Shape Edging Machine

Machine used to make bevel, OG, Double OG and Triple OG edges on shaped glasses which cater to all interior beautification needs.

Water Jet

The machine can make cutouts not possible by any other kind of machines in the industry. Can cut glass, steel, plastic with very high pressure water and abrasive.

Hole Drilling Machine

Double sided drilling machines used to make different sizes of holes as required ranging from 6mm up to 50mm

Sparkling and shiny is always appealing. So we treat our glass no different

IPH Glasses have equipped the factory with four washing machines


  • 2 horizontal washing machines for clear glass, 1 Vertical washing Machine for Low E glass, 1 horizontal machine for Low – E glass
  • To ensure the perfect quality of glass, washing is very important. We use washing machine after process of edging, fabricating glass and before critical process like tempering and insulating of glass
  • We use DM or de mineralized water to ensure spotless quality of low –E glasses and also for better quality of clear glasses
  • The special washing machine for Low-E glass has 8 brushes and it detects the glass and work accordingly ensuring the optimum result of washing

Sparkling and shiny is always appealing. So we treat our glass no different

Schmaltz jib crane and vacuum : For smooth transition of glass with in the huge factory premise and accurately controlling the glass

Specialized vacuum lifter for handling glass lite :For transportation of glass lite from one point to another in factory premises

Movable trolleys for glass :To transport glass from one point to another in factory in most efficient way


Glass can be bend in to desired molds, from simple radius to right angle bend, this type of glass is made in electronic kiln and glass is heated up to the temperature of 700c to achieve desired result


A fully automatic Sand blasting machine is used to frost glass with uniform result. With 800 Sq. Mt. of material in one shift the production capacity is tremendous and moreover it is not harmful to health as manual blasting and provides beautiful and elegant design in glass.

We treat glass like you treat yourself


  • Clean water Is essential during each stage of glass processing
  • We at IPH Glasses care for quality of our products and to ensure the water used for processing glass is free from any impurities
  • Also there should be no other salts like calcium and magnesium which could re act with coating of high performance glass , so we have installed a DM Water plant for complete purification.